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aku sangat sayang 2F ni < FAMILY n FRIENDS>

dlm family ak,,ak sgt sayang ayah ak…

wlpon ak lg rapat ngn adik ak yg 2nd..tp ak sayang sume adik2 ak equally..

mybe nmpk cm ak melebih2kn adik last ak 2….tp hakikatnyer i love them all..

ttbe je ak post cmni…entah r…ak rse rndu gle kt dorg…kt kwn2 yg lme da xjmpe…

mybe disebabkn kejutan ckit di awal2 sem ni…

mne xnyer..xpenah2 1st week kls sume da stat…mmg sejarah ni…

bygknla..ak da ponteng 3 kls…sbb ak xg kls ri isnin..xlarat den nk g kls ritu..huhu~

msuk kls fizik plk rse cm msuk kls math n kimia..hikhik…

penin n blur ak jadinyer…malu je ak ngn lecterer fizik atom tdi…

tp malu mse kls kplbgaian xyah ckp la..cm trauma plk…huhu~

k la…da lewat..sok de kls…hrp2 xde la ngntuk2 t..amin…

kate2 akhir dr ak..

i will always love my family and friends for their love and support for me…for always being there when i’m in need…sometimes we doesn’t realize how important are they to us…but believe me…i’ll always appreciate everything that all of them had done for me..even sometimes my action doesn’t show that i care for them..but deep in my heart,,,only Allah knows…may Allah bless us always…ameen~


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